Saturday, 25 May 2019

Latest Extraordinary Worship: What Name Will I Call You - Peter Franklin Feat Mr Chucks

Anointed Music Minister "Peter Franklin", the "Elibe Elisi" Crooner, Releases yet Another Extraordinary Worship Song of Life titled "What Name Will I Call You", Featuring Another Incredible Gospel Music Minister "Mr Chucks", Who infused His Golden Vocals to Extol Our Sovereign God through this Masterpiece.

The Song "What Name Will I Call You", unveils to the Nations the Matchless Name of our Most High God, whose Greatness is Indescribable and His Supernatural Powers are Unlimited.
"Sincerely, the Holy-Ghost has just Begun with Raising Supernatural Worship Ministers in such Dispensations as this, and Minister PETER FRANKLIN is One Among Such, His Songs are Holy Ghost Inspired and Extraordinary, this Supernatural Worship is one of Such.... Ipere Evanx".
Download, Listen, Share & Be Blessed!!!



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