Friday, 3 May 2019

Latest Extraordinary Worship: Drink From Me - Jeffrey Joey

Anointed Gospel Music Minister And Worshiper "Jeffrey Joey", After the Recent Release of His Debut Extraordinary and Spirit Captivating Single "Let The Wind Blow", Releases yet Another Extraordinary Worship titled "Drink From Me", a Supernatural Worship that Unveils the Immense Yearning of a Sincere Heart unto God to "Drink From the Ever Flowing Rivers".

The Extraordinary "Drink From Me", Expresses the Rhelm of the Spirit where Every Believer lays down the Human-self in total Submission unto God, that Our Sovereign God will Drink From Our Hearts To His.
"This is an Inspiration Birthed by the Holy-Ghost unto Minister Jefferey Joey, to Bless our Generation at such a Dispensation as this...

Lets pour Out Ourselves daily in total Submission to Him, that He Alone Will Drink From Us, the Ever Flowing Rivers of Worships.. Ipere Evanx".
Download, Listen, Share & Be Blessed!!!

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