Thursday, 9 May 2019

Latest Extraordinary Gospel Album Revolution - Hero

Glory Be To God Almighty, the Incredible Gospel Music Minister "Hero" Releases His Trending Debut Album "Revolution", Now On International Play Stores and Websites.

"The Album, To Live, Is A Compilation Of Extraordinary Songs Inspired By the Holy Ghost to Minister Hero, Each and Every Tracks from this Amazing Album, will minister and Uplift your Spirit Immensely.... 
I See the Mighty Hands Of God Upon this Masterpiece, as God Bless Our Generation with His Gift Of Songs through His Son Minister Hero... Ipere Evanx".
Listen, Share & Download Each Tracks Below

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Connect Hero||

Facebook|| Inny

Instagram|| @Hero_Inny

Twitter|| @Heroinny1

Media Management: +2347066832435 (Ipere Evanx)



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