Sunday, 14 April 2019

Trending Extraordinary Worship: Holy Ghost - Sweetleke

Anointed Gospel Music Minister Leke Isijola Popular Known as Sweetleke is a quintessential Nigerian gospel artiste and songwriter. He has a burning desire for a more intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit and has endeavored to infuse this passion into his music and writings.

Sweetleke believes that life can only be beautiful being led by the Holy Ghost and he expresses that through his music.

He also believes that There is so much God cannot do upon the earth except we grant him access and yield to him in the place of prayers, for, the degree to which we are in control upon the earth is the degree to which God is control upon the earth..
"This Is the Song Birthed by the Divine Inspirations of the Holy Ghost, to the Soul which thirst for Greater Encounters, just attune to this Sound, and you will be Transited to Deeper Rhelms.. Ipere Evanx".
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