Thursday, 4 April 2019

Latest Extraordinary Worship: Idirim Mma (You Are Good To Me) - Fada Obika

 Anointed Gospel Music Minister and Reverend Father, "Fada Obika" Releases yet Another Extraordinary Worship Song of Life titled "Idirim Mma (You Are Good To Me)", an Extraordinary Worship filed with Immense Gratitude to the Sovereign God for His Uncountable Blessings.

The Incredible Worship Song "Idirim Mma (You Are Good To Me)", is a Deeper Expressions of Great Appreciations to God For All His Wondrous Works which are Beyond Words.
"This Is More Than A Music, but a Divine Inspiration from the Holy-Ghost, It is a Reverence to the Monarch of the Universe, Its the Sound of the Spirit for the Universe.... Ipere Evanx"
Download, Listen, Share & Be Blessed!!!

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