Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Upcoming Gospel Musical Concert "MOSES BLISS ON FIRE CONCERT"

Upcoming Gospel Musical Concert "MOSES BLISS ON FIRE CONCERT"

By Ipere Evanx

Glory to God!!! The Incredible Gospel Music Minister "Moses Bliss" Brings to the Nations of the World, His Outstanding Musical Concert titled "MOSES BLISS ON FIRE CONCERT 2019".
In this upcoming Powerful Concert "MOSES BLISS ON FIRE CONCERT 2019", Minister "Moses Bliss" brings together Constellation of Great Music Ministers, including:
  1. The Incredible Moses Bliss
  2. Samsong (The Churchboi)
  3. Da Music
  4. Daniel Miles
  5. Uwa
  6. Temple Nation
  7. Nu April
  8. Jessey Bassey
  9. 585
  10. Molly B
  11. GAD
  12. As Christ
  13. Tayo Christian
  14. Ipere Evanx ( & The Media Crew) And Lot of other Distinguished Ministers.

Minister Moses Bliss  Sole Objective of organizing this Extraordinary Concert in such a time as this, is hinged on the premises of "taking the Good News of Our Lord Jesus-Christ, to the Ends of the Earth, and edify the Souls of Men". Minister Moses Bliss is committed to Reach out to Nations through His God given Potentials.


The Upcoming Extraordinary Concert "MOSES BLISS ON FIRE CONCERT 2019" will be coming up, following these details below:

Date: 24th February, 2019.

Time: 4pm.

Venue: CHRIST EMBASSY FHA1, Kapuwa Road, Abuja, Behind Silver Gate Hotel Lugbe, Abuja State.

In the Words of Minister Moses Bliss, he said:
I'm so excited to announce that we will be having the MOSES BLISS ON FIRE CONCERT Abuja🔥 on the 24th of  February. Save the Date and Clear your Schedules. 
"It will be unforgettable. More details and Line up of Ministers coming". 
"Help us spread the word God bless you"🙏🏽

Save The Date and Clear your Schedules 
Pray with Us. 
Tell someone about the Concert. 
God Bless you🙏🏽 
For Partnership,Sponsorship and Enquiries Call: 08156628668



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