Monday, 11 February 2019

Latest Extraordinary Worship: Faithful God - Chris Ejiga

Anointed Music Minister and Pastor "Chris Ejiga" Releases His Debut Single titled "Faithful God". The Song "Faithful God" just as it is been captioned, is an Extraordinary Worship which pours out to God Almighty Sweet Incenses of Appreciations for All His Uncountable Blessings and Favour.

Minister Chris Ejiga is set out to Impact Our Generation with His Holy-Ghost Inspired Songs, recently, He has embarked on Releasing His Debut Album which he considers as "Songs From the Inner Realm of the Spirits to Bless Nations".

This Powerful Song was Produced By the Gospel Mastereo "Ebenezer Iriemi"

Download, Listen, Share & Be Blessed!!!

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Faithful God Lyrics
By Chris Ejiga

You've been faithful Lord
You've been faithful Lord
From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same
You've been faithful Lord
You've been faithful Lord
My God, you've been so good to me

Verse One
When I was down
You picked me up
When I was lost
You found me
When I feel down
You raised me up
You've been faithful to me
You're so faithful to me

Verse Two
You picked me up
From the miry clay
You set my feet
On the rock to stay
You cleaned me up
You washed me up
You've been faithful to me
You've been faithful to me

Repeat Chorus Twice

Faithful God
You're always there
You took my pain
You took my fears
You gave me life and victory
What a father you are
Faithful God

Repeat Chorus



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