Thursday, 20 December 2018

Trending Praise: Oyeoma (Good God)) - Lawrence & De Covenant Ft. Kingsley Ike

Amazing!!! Trending Gospel Music "Minister Lawrence" and His Incredible Group Of singers, "De Covenant" release Brand New Power-Packed Spiritual Song and Video titled “Onyeoma” Featuring Pastor "Kingsley Ike".
The song Is An Intense Melodious African Praise Song "Declaring that God is good and thanking Him for all He has done".
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Onyeoma Lyrics
By Lawrence & De Convenant Ft. Kingsley Ike
(Drafted By Ipere Evanx)
Do you know the God we serve
He’s a mighty God
Do you know the God we serve
Is a great,great God
He’s the king of kings
He’s the mighty warrior
Oh praise His name
He’s the Almighty Father
This song of praise I bring to you Narekele
Onyeoma (2x) that’s the God we serve
Onyeuku (2x) that’s the God you are
He’s a mighty God
He’s an awesome God
He’s the great Deliverer
We will praise His name
Resp: Onyeoma…xxxx
Call: ole
Resp: igwe (7x)
Call: olebekanma
Resp: eligwe kanma…
Call: I am blessed I am blessed
Resp: I am blessed I am blessed.
End… I am blessed forever Amen.
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