Monday, 17 December 2018

"ABIA STATE STILL IN DOOM" - Secondary School Teacher Writes Against The Deputy Governor Of Abia State (Okezie Victor Ikpeazu)


Hear it well abians, Governor ikpeazu creating six hundred thousand jobs in aba, is a satanic wile. 
–Secondary school teachers, 
   he owes 8months and still counting

– L . G. A workers, 
   he  owes over six months

–pensioners he owes more than
One year and still counting

–Abia college of education,
He owes one year and still counting, and also polytechnics inclusively.

  NOTE:  He built a school at Ghana, and trying now to erect company at aba in the name of building abia state economy through APC laid govt, In other employ six hundred thousand of his people with abia money.
(Its a secret deal to APC)

Abians Rise Up With Your Pvc To The clarion call of removing completely every government that can not pay salaries and can not regard educational institutions and the senior citizens, rather going about building companies for himself with the state economy in the name that he is developing abia state.
Note: where is the presence of abia state government in the whole abia north, abia central, abia south is in a shamble. 

In conclusion, abians please rise to your feet's and vote him out come 2019.
We have highly suffered enough in his filty hands(regime)

Thank you as you wail with your PVC.
Make it count!



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