Thursday, 6 December 2018

Five Car-Care Tips From Mechanics You Shouldn't Follow

Mechanics always have different views when it comes to making your car perform at optimum capacity. Some of the tips are hilarious and some are downright dangerous money and time-saving secrets that will end up costing you big time.

Save On Windshield Wiper Fluid by using Water

Windshield washer fluid is a mixture of solvent, detergent, and antifreeze agents. If it’s replaced with water, you risk clogging the reservoir and associated hoses. More so, in low-temperature climates, the reservoirs will crack when the water freezes and expands and this can cost you a fortune to fix.

You Don’t Need Routine Oil Changes if You Don’t Drive Long Distances

Change your oil as recommended by the owner’s manual service schedule— as it should be changed based on miles driven and not time. Furthermore, always use a synthetic motor oil, as it’s better for the life of the engine and the environment.

You Can Make Big Money From Your Car

Some people are so in love with their old cars and they keep getting it repaired because they believe it will turn into a collector’s item despite the fact that the manufacturers of the car no longer exists or even produce those cars.

Ignore Those Squealing Sounds

Some mechanics might tell you not to pay attention to the squeal you hear when braking. Don’t just turn up the radio! This is a sign you need new brake pads. If you wait until they are really bad, you’ll need extensive brake repairs and remember it is the only thing that stops your car.

Clean Your Engine With Soap and Water

There was a viral post on the Internet once about someone who had problems with knocking in their engine and decided to “clean it out” by pumping soapy water into the gas tank. Hard to tell if it was a joke or someone purposely trolling an advice board, but either way—do not do that! You will have the most sparkling frozen engine in the junkyard.



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