Sunday, 30 December 2018

Extraordinary Worship: Jesus Reigns - Idee Miracle

Incredible Music Minister, Pastor "Idee Miracle" Releases Her Extraordinary Single "Jesus Reigns" From Her Trending Debut Premium Album. "Jesus Reigns" is the Album tittle and also the first track in the project. It speaks of the Ruler-ship and Supremacy of Jesus over Satan and his Demons. According To Pastor Idee Miracle, She testified:

"The Song Jesus Reigns is a Divine Inspiration and Revelation from the Holy-Ghost, which unveils the Defeat of Satan and His Cohorts, and Reveals the Enthronement and Reverence of the Monarch of the Universe, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who Reigns on High... Idee Miracle".

As You Download and Listen to this Extraordinary Worship, your Life will never remain the same!

About Pastor Idee Miracle
Pastor Idee Miracle is an Anointed Woman of God with the mandate to circulate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ via Music and Word ministry.



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