Monday, 19 November 2018

Davido Denied Of Using Eko Atlantic For His Upcoming Concert.

David Adedeji Adeleke_Davido had on Tuesday taken to his Twitter handle to share swear words-laden tweets, alleging that he was denied approval to use the Eko Atlantic for his concert coming up in December.
He hinted that the denied approval was politically motivated. He reiterated that the incident wasn ’t going to sway his loyalty.

In response, Eko Atlantic City has termed false, the claim by Davido, that the city refused to grant him approval to hold his upcoming concert in the city, due to his political affiliations.

South EnergyX Nigerian Limited the managers of Eko Atlantic City in statement on Wednesday said it received Davido’s request on November 8 to which they asked for clarification and details about the event on November 9. but that they were yet to receive the requested information so far.

‘Some of the additional information requested was pertaining to security provisions and Eko Atlantic City is not an event center and rather a city with existing residents and businesses. In light of this, we have strict rules and regulations when it comes to events and activities within the city, which require due process.

As written by Israel Lite Nwachukwu

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