Monday, 5 November 2018

Are you a model or want to be signed into a Modeling Agency ?

Danbliss model management.

Established in September 2017 Danbliss Model Management is a Scouting, training and managing agency, which recognizes the need for a modern and fresh approach to management within the changing fashion and model like industry. We are knowledgeable and keep contacts in all aspects of management, including High-end Fashion, commercial, editorial, development, ushering and talent endorsements. Our main focus is on building lucrative careers and longevity for our talent and personality as well as innovative client relationships. Everyone is at home in Danbliss model management....

 We give reputable model support service providing opportunities for new aspiring models wanting to further their career in the fashion, beauty or commercial modelling industry. We hand over practical information with guidance and support for new and emerging models over a blend of training, advice, work and casting opportunities, passed on experience and practical knowledge. Danbliss help create a platform for aspiring models to break into the industry using the contacts we have gained over the year by building relationship and reputable partners. DMM assist models within the industry and passes along valuable knowledge that is helpful when entering the tough world of modelling. Been who you're and been you is our mode... for more information call:



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