Wednesday, 14 November 2018

0'Level Graduate Writes Out His View To His Fellow Teens

As Composed By Lites Vincent For The Teens.

First lets define the mesning of the word "PROCRASTINATION". According to oxford dictionary of learning. Procrastination means the extension of a particular event that has to be done in a particular time to another different time.
I went further to discover that this word has turned into a disease and an organism eaten deeply into the fabric of our teens Life❤.
In many countries🇦🇹 of the world, has over millions of teenagers still in the shoe of training and counselling. I suggest that parents should highlight more on this yield and fruitful topic (Procrastination), as to help build and support their children's future and dream.
In most of our teenagers life this present genetion, has been deeply rooted in the procrastination that even  lead them to pat close attention to their friends rather  than reading their books at the particular point in time.
Here i will discuss the advantage and disadvantage of procrastination below👇

Disadvantages of procrastinated
1. Not doing a particular job/work in time.
2. Unable to participate in readings their books.
3. Making them to be lazy.
    And many more...



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