Saturday, 13 October 2018


Vinnelsblog Teenagers conference is an annual teenagers conference that started since 2014 till date. Since it started, people suffering from different life challenges has testified to this great life enhancing conference to be the best conference a teenager can never afford to miss out .
  Remember, to be a true and a victorious teen is when u adhear to instructions and norms been given to you by your life councillor, couch, teacher etc. Fellow teenagers. This is the time for you to seize your moment and attend this life enriching conference. Remember that "a stitch on time, saves nine"

2.lectures beautiful from resource personels.
3. teenagers music concert.
4.Testimonies from ex addicts and ex cultists.     5. Uncle Chiemela Jes' birthday celebration.
6. Teens time out with aunt chichi .

VENUE: 2/4 umuobasi street by finbars road umuahia abia state Nig.

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