Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Snake takes over houses in Lagos as flood emerge.

As the heavy downpour continues unabated in Lagos, South-West Nigeria, residents have continued to lament cases of flooding in their areas.

Rainy season is supposed to be a season that brings cooler temperature and amazing weather. It is always a welcome relief from the scorching heat of the dry season. But due to lack of drainages and inability of Vision Scape to keep up with refuse disposal, reverse has been the case.

One area that has continued to feel the negative effect is Ojo.

According to Daily Independent, many residents in the flooded area are no longer living comfortably.

They complained that dangerous animals such as snakes and scorpions but to mention a few are now co-habitants of houses in the flooded and swampy area.

It was learnt that people in the community are now living with palpable fear.

The residents therefore urged Prince Musibau Ashafa, Executive Council Chairman of Otto Awori LCDA, to save lives and properties in the region by “doing the needful”.

One of them said: “We urge our Chairman to help us look into this matter and make the community suitable for living by providing solution to this seasonal disaster where people will no longer live in fear and free of flood and dangerous animals.

“Students living in such area face difficulties in going out to school to receive lectures. In fact, residents who still have access to their houses only do so by either swimming their way in or being transported by ‘artificial canoe’.”

“Researches show that the major cause of flood is absent of proper drainage system in any area.

“We therefore appeal to the Chairman to include ‘drainage system construction’ in his plan for this tenure in order to save lives and properties of people living in Otto,” another resident added.



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