Friday, 26 October 2018

October 27: Nnamdi Kanu To Make A Special Broadcast

Nnamdi Kanu To Make A Special Broadcast Live On Radio Biafra At 6:00pm, On October 27th, 2018.
Nnamdi, an enigma, who is more like the proverbial cat with nine lives was evacuated by IPOB intelligent arm from the lines of fire of unprofessional soldiers of the  Nigerian army, who against international rules of engagement went to Afaraukwu Ibeku community in Umuahia, Abia state to kill the IPOB leader. This act defied the court ruling and bail granted him at the apex court in 2017. 
Consequently, the Biafran charismatic leader appeared at the Wailing wall in Jerusalem, where he was seen in a video praying with the Torah on 19th October, 2018. Two days later he made a live broadcast from Jerusalem and debunked many unfounded lies against him and reiterated the stance of IPOB, which is to boycott 2019 election in Nigeria, unless a referendum date is fixed to determine the state of this country, Nigerian. 
Like a colossus he appeared at a time he is needed most as men's heart began to fail them for fear as Atiku and Peter Obi atikulation mantra took over the masses who are whipped into mad frenzy. Men and women lost their focus and gullibly swallowed the deceitful line, hook and sinker thrown to them the politicians of the old order and block, who have kept Nigeria in perpetual darkness of poverty, all manner of deprivations and diabolical servitude to the ruling class since the British left Africa officially.

The mercurial IPOB leader will come on air on 27th October 2018 at 6:00pm Nigerian time to make a special broadcast. Please stay tune in to Radio Biafra 102.1 FM or download the radio Biafra app. from Google play store. We will update you with more information....



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