Sunday, 21 October 2018

Nnamdi Kanu Accuses Governor Ikpeazu Of Python Dance

Nnamdi Kanu In His Live Broadcast Accused Dr Okezie Ikpeazu Of Orchestrating Python Dance.

Several weeks ago Dr Okezie Ikpeazu refuted claims that he masterminded the Operation Python dance in Igbo land, when he held a meeting with the Afaraukwu community on 9th October 2018 in Umuahia, Abia state. According to the representative of Afaraukwu community

'We know Gov. Ikpeazu had no hand in Python dance 2'.
Ikpeazu vows to work with SE governors and Ohanaeze to ensure the return of his royal Highness, Eze Kanu before the new year'.
But in his Sunday 21st October broadcast Kanu reiterated his claims and said that Dr Okezie was the mastermind behind the nefarious and clandestine activities of the Nigerian Army. Below are extracts of somethings Kanu said and the very allegations against the governor.
“I promised that I will be coming to Biafra and I came, I do not recognise the court of the Zoo, I want the people of the Middle Belt to rise and join IPOB.
“IPOB Military intelligent evacuated me from my compound when the Army of the Zoo attacked me, I am in Israel and the efficiency of MOSSAD will be replicated in Biafra, we shall hunt everyone down to avenge the death of IPOB members.

“The Governor of Abia State directed the assault on my Father who is a Monarch, I thank @realDonaldTrump and the government of Israel who stood by IPOB in our time of need. I thank Prof Ben Nwabueze who stood by me'.



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