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How to Get 1K Instagram followers in one month!:the step by step process

For Many People, getting famous on Instagram seems to be a very difficult task, whereas others find it easy to become big-time influencers  overnight.The problem is that most people don't understand how Instagram works. Understanding the logic behind Instagram can help you become Instagram famous within one month.

Below is a step by step process on how to get Your first 1000 followers on Instagram

Step 1

Find your niche
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.This is the most difficult and most important part of building your big audience.Your niche refers to what you post about. What I mean is keep posting different posts that give the same idea, example if love fashion keep posting pictures of Yourself in Different fashionable wears you would end up getting followers that love fashion just like you. if you love cooking post more about cooking ideas, you would get followers that love your content.Note that you should not go into a niche you do not have passion for, because if  you do so you would end up losing interest or switching to another niche which may lead to you losing your followers

Step 2

Find a Role Model
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It is important to find a role model, probably someone who is already an influencer, someone you want to model, note that your role model MUST be interested in the same niche as you are. Try and copy how your role model posts. This would also help you to stick to your niche

Step 3

Find your competitors

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Your Competitors are another people you need to learn about. They can be your friends, neighbors or even influencers in your niche. Find out what your competitors do, find out their mistakes and try not to repeat them. find out which of their posts has more engagement and what made it so.With this you stand a chance to beat them and come out at the top.

Step 4

Post regularly

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Most people wonder how often they should post on Instagram, well the answer is post as many times as possible at least 6 times a week would be best, Posting as many times as possible helps you to engage your audience more and more, this way they get to see more of your pictures in their feed Research has shown that regular posting helps to increase Your followers by 12.8% per week and creates 23% more engagement than those who post 1-2 times a week.

Step 4

Make sure your Pictures/Videos are engaging and are of high quality

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Instagram is all about Pictures and Videos, so getting the right picture would help boost your reach to 1000 followers. The first step in taking the right Picture or Video is by getting a good camera, 15 mega-pixels and above would just be okay. The second step is  by getting a good photographer/Videographer, especially one who understands your niche and knows how to take the "right shots"

Step 5

Use Hashtags
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Hashtags are the major thing into getting those in your niche to see your post before following you without hashtags it would be Impossible for those in your niche to follow you , unless by mistake, Instagram created hashtags to ensure that people only follow people that offer them content that they love. Also try to remember that you should not use the same set of hashtags over and over again unless Instagram would mark your post as spam and even "shadow-ban" you. Shadow Banning means that they would make less people to see your post as before. Therefore try to change hashtags but make sure they are all linked to your niche.

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Step 6

Interact with your followers

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You must have been following some influencers that no matter how many times you comment on their posts they don't seem to notice you, and am sure you wouldn't hesitate to unfollow them at some point. Well this is also a reason why your followers seem to rise today only to reduce tomorrow. Liking and reply Your followers comments can help you gain their loyalty, this way they won't unfollow You no matter what happens. You can also interact with them by using your favorite follower's photo as photo of the day, or by giving out gifts and hosting contests

Step 7

Make good use of your nametag 

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In case you don't know what an Instagram nametag looks like the above picture is an Instagram nametag. Download your nametag from Instagram, paste it on your products, T-shirts, Websites.... just anything that you can paste it on, if its in hard copy people can scan it with Instagram Camera  and start following following you immediately, it would also help let people staying around you know your Instagram handle, without you telling them.

Step 8

Create a Unique Hashtag

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By having your own hashtag it enables you have a bigger presence on Instagram, And by asking your followers to use your hashtag you gain more visibility, this is a major step in getting your 1k followers

Step 8

Make the best out of your bio

Instagram offers you 140 characters to write down your bio, making the best out of it can attract visitors to follow you, Not using it wisely can scare visitors away. 
to make your bio attractive use emojis and each paragraph must say one thing about you, you can copy the model bio in the image above

Step 9

Make use of emojis in your post

Emojis are very attractive and mostly any post with emojis just gets your attention, even the most boring ones gets high engagements because of emojis, emojis beautify text and Research has proven that posts with emojis get more engagements than posts without emojis, if you don't know how to use them ask friends how to use it

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