Friday, 19 October 2018

Customs impound container load of pots of soup worth N27m from China

A container with imported soups (stew) and some other eatable items worth N27,960,000 has been impounded by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS). The container was said to have been cleared from one of the ports in Lagos.  Customs says the imported pots of stew and other eatable items could not be verified as a result of the Chinese Language written on their packs.
This was disclosed in Lagos on Friday, October 19, by deputy comptroller and national coordinator, CGC Strike Force, Abdullahi Kirawa. Addressing newsmen in Lagos on Friday while showcasing some of the items seized between September 19 and October 18, 2018,the Customs officer lamented that the system has degenerated to the level that Nigerians are now importing stew into the country.  According to him, this could pose serious dangers to the consumers.

How can someone come and import stew into the country? The stew was carefully concealed inside the container. I will advise that Nigerians should ignore egocentrism and embrace ethnocentrism.

Our quest for foreign goods and items must be discouraged and we must work hard to embrace and patronize homemade goods including our delicious stew that is prepared from our homes, and stop engaging in this type of business.

This type of soup poses danger to public health, to the economy and of course our teeming youths. If stew could be imported, then what else are we going to do? So this is something we need to reflect on,” he said. He also disclosed that some other packed items that looked like mushroom was already deteriorating in the container. 

Recall that Nigerians have been importing foods that people normally prepared in their various homes in the last fours years, such as Jollof rice, Garri among others, which Customs have intercepted over the years.



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