Monday, 15 October 2018

What about restructuring?

Going by the recent clamoring from different parts of the country for a complete restructuring of the country, I have always wondered what exactly we hope to achieve by such exercise? With due respect to the opinions of all, I hereby propose a way forward. POLITICAL REALIGNMENT Our over bloated political system is totally none sustainable, we must as a matter of urgency scrap the current system of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ;it's of no benefit to an average Nigerian going by the budget we spend on each member of the assembly,the nation of Senegal just disengaged it Legislature and we certainly can do better lawmaking should be voluntary, anybody that cannot volunteer to make law without been paid is not worthy.. Currently Nigerian lawmakers are the highest paid in the world The present system is too lopsided and unjust, I mean a situation where two states from the North have more house of representatives members than the entire South East region can not stand talk about been worthy... How do we justify individuals (Our legislatures) who have never been to law school, making laws for trained lawyers((the judiciary) to interpret PRESIDENCY We must devolve power from the executive to the states or regions as the case may be. Our presidency should be largely ceremonial out of the six geo-poilitcal zones, let's experiment with a single president ably assisted by" five vice presidents "from the five remaining geo-political zones to address the constant cry of marginalization, I mean each region in Nigeria can stand alone as an independent nation, so why don't we give everyone a say and a sense of belonging? the current" four years of two terms " is way too much, why don't we do a" five years "single term for our political office holders ? Anybody that cannot make an impact within five years tenure is already a failure so why dash someone eight years to waste INEC : Our major problem as it relates to elections lies with INEC. to have a competent and credible elections,firstly we must make politics totally unattractive... Have always imagined what would happen if we tell all our politicians to go ahead and become president, governors, Senators, local government chairman; without collecting salaries, how many of them would still come and tell us they want to serve? therefor their interest lies in what they are gaining INEC must have the option for independent candidates, I mean if someone is required to pay as much as 5 million Naira to buy a party form for gubernatorial election, how do we expect such individual not to steal and recover his money A) politicians should have the least pay of all public office holders to make the system less attractive for money bag politicians B) our politicians should have no access or power over the treasury C) once it approaches time for elections; every political office holder, from president to local government chairman should resign from office three months to election date and a caretaker interim leaders be appointed to serve for the period of election so as to avoid the "power of incumbency" which has bedeviled our polity, that is how it is presently done in Sri Lanka MINISTERIAL CONDUCT No public officials, especially ministers should be allowed to send their wards abroad for studies (they will be forced to modernize education system) No public officials be allowed to use generator as alternative power source (no choice but to make our epileptic power work) No official be allowed to get treatment abroad regardless of the illness ECONOMY Stop every exploration of crude oil and focus on human capital development.. Invest in ICT, the nation of Isreal is making more than Twenty billion dollars annually from technology driven start-ups, second only to the Silicone Valley in the US while the likes of oil rich Saudi Arabia is struggling to restructure it economy due to heavy drop in crude oil prices We need to build at least one Mega City for each geo-political zone; that was the initial plan between world Bank and federal government, which obviously started with Lagos but currently no one knows what happened to Ibadan, Enugu and Kano that were supposed to commence after Lagos That is the only way we can address over dependence on Lagos with unbearable "rural urban" drift With the rate of wide economic gap between the North and the South, am actually scared we don't become like North Korean /South Korea example.. The South has built and modernized it economy but the North Koreans have become a constant terror treat, always threatening the South with missile and Even Nuclear weapons, it already happening with BOKO HARAM ... So for our economic managers, it behooves on them to implement an all inclusive, all in compassing economic policy so that Lagos doesn't become a center of Excellence while the rest of the nation wallow in poverty RAILWAY TRANSPORTATION Total overhaul of our Railway system, with speed train instead of the Locomotive train currently on ground, I mean someone should be able to live in Ibadan and be coming to work in Lagos on board a train that would spend nothing more than 1hr/30 minutes to two hours INDUSTRY Every Geo-political zone should have a FREE TRADE EXPORT PROCESSING ZONE that is not based on politics but purely on comparative advantage, to avoid the type of "AJAOKUTA EXPERIENCE" POWER GENERATION The concept of "national grid" should be totally expunged from our system Every state should set a target of nothing less than 1, 000 MEGA WATTS of electricity generation, within a five years meticulous planning- starting with yearly 200MEGA WATTS, with that in less than ten years we have more than 30, 000, MEGA WATTS from 36 states... This is no rocket science naa...



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