Wednesday, 26 September 2018

7 Black Africans In The Bible

People in the Bible You Didn’t Know Were Black.

Black people are very much part of the Bible too.
Some of them are even incredibly influential, if you know your bible well, you won’t have a hard time knowing who these characters are;

Here are 7 characters in the bible you didn’t know were black:
1. Queen of Sheba.
The bible refers to her as the Queen of Sheba or the Queen of the South. Her fame was such that 2,000 years after her death, Jesus Christ mentioned her long trip and referred to her challenge of Solomon’s wisdom, which led to a love affair with the wise Jewish king.
2. Zipporah.
One of Moses’s wives, of which he was persecuted for. God himself was not happy about the union as she was of Ethiopian descent.
3. Pharaoh.
Considering it was Egypt. They are known as Pharaohs, which means Sun Kings. Pharaoh was the king of North Africa who said, “Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?”
4. Ham.
He was a son to Noah. He walked in on his naked father and was as a result ultimately cursed. According to theology, he cursed black people after him to be slaves and servants to his brother’s descendant’s (who were white) for generations. Ham’s second son inherited his land in Africa upon Ham’s death.
5. Nimrod.
Nimrod was Ham’s grandson. The Bible indicates Nimrod was the first king in human history and he ruled mankind from the tower of Babel, after the flood of Noah (Genesis 10:10). The world leaned on his hunting prowess for food after the deluge when animals began migrating back to their natural habitats. Nimrod the Great became a mighty hunter before the Lord.
6. Simon the Canaanite.
He was the only Black apostle of Jesus Christ. He converted to the Nation of Israel to become a Jew through the article of circumcision.
7. Hagar.
This Black woman from Africa is reported in Scripture as the first enslaved sex victim, namely to Abraham, father of the Arab and Jewish people. Abraham impregnated his wife’s African enslaved worker, who she obtained from Pharaoh, the greatest king in Africa.



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