Friday, 10 August 2018

we need free and fair play ground #Not too young to run#

It was  powerful  Wednesday  in the Abia State as  #NotTooYoungToRun Campaign. Took the street of Umuahia, of which they took the campaign to the political offices of peoples democratic party PDP in Umuahia, All progressive Congress APC and All progressive Grand Alliance APGA.
In the statement issued by the group in Umuahia, they went ahead to say that
"Today, we answer the call of history to demand accountability from political parties in the candidate selection process for the 2019 elections as well as uphold the tenets of participatory democracy.

 Today's action is a citizen's action against all forms political exclusion, marginalization and repression. We stand against all odds to defend our democracy with our demand for democratic party primaries. Once party primaries are compromised, our voting choices are compromised. It behoves on us "the real third force" to take responsibility to safeguard our democracy for the common good of all. As we hit the streets today, we register our names in the annals of our political history as a generation that took action against exclusion, undemocratic party primaries and high cost of politics.

 As we speak from the streets today, we demonstrate our power, leadership, patriotism and resilience. We put the world on notice especially our ruling political elite, that we are more than statistics, campaign mercenaries, praise singers, aides or voters; Young women and men are #ReadyToRun for office. When history beckoned on us to advocate for reduction of age limits, we answered the call and organised to get the Not Too Young To Run bill signed into law. The political class acceded to our demands because they had no choice considering the youth power and influence.

We assert that  power today as we place a demand on political parties in 33 states of Nigeria. We urge brothers and sisters of this great movement to remain civil and peaceful throughout the march. We are recognised for demonstrating leadership and patriotism from the street. Let's uphold it. Thank you for standing up for Nigeria's democracy when it mattered most. Let's make history again.
In his response, the chairman of PDP Abia state in the person of Johnson Onuigbo, he welcomed them and asked them to continue with their fight for good governance inbyhe country.
Another person that reacted to the peace protest of the group, was the youth leader of the APC in the person of Chukwudi Apugo, he expressed his joy for the courage the group has shown and adviced them to stay focused.



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