Thursday, 30 August 2018

Mum gives out daughter's head to help with travelling abroad

Desperate For Sweet Life Mum gives out daughter's head to help with traveling abroad

At a restaurant in Cameroon, the corpse of a young girl has been found at her mother's restaurant where human flesh is part of the menu.

A woman who seems desperate to travel abroad has given out her daughter's head to help secure traveling documents.

This happened in Cameroon according to a Facebook post. The corpse of a young girl was reportedly found at a restaurant owned by the woman.
According to the post, the manager at the restaurant where meals are served with human flesh confirmed the report.
"The body of a little girl was found in a restaurant located in Eleveur, Yaounde.
"The restaurant's manager who sells a plate of food for 750frs with human flesh made people understand that it's actually the mother of the murdered girl who offered her daughter's head in exchange for documents to travel abroad.
"The two murderers were taken to the police station for further investigation," reads a Facebook post published by a profile ," a Facebook post published from by a profile Bayodele Kolawole Plato



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