Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Woman burnt her only son with kerosene in Umuahia

An ugly incident happened at Umuloghe Agbolughe of Amuzukwu Ibeku,Umuahia Abia State that took the life of a young boy name Prince Obioma Odum,  aged 13 years.
247voiceonthestreet media team was at the scene of the incident when the case was reported, and the story went further to explain the cause of the boys death.
The ugly incident happened around 12noon on 25th June 2018 at the compound of Mr Samuel Odum an estate manager, who happens to be the father of the boy that was burnt by the mother, Mrs Chinyere Odum of Ebonyi State.
Master Prince Obioma Odum just finished his common entrance examination and was at home, on that fateful day when the mother and her female friend (name withheld) started beating the young boy, by accusing him of making use of a mobile phone that is not functioning , which one of his uncle who was repairing phone left and traveled for two months now. Even when contacted been the phone engineer uncle he confirmed that he is not making use of the phone again. It was gathered that  neighbors came out and was asking the reason why they are beating the boy.At a point the two woman dragged the boy into the kitchen ,locked the door.
Nobody was hearing the boys voice but only the one of his mother and her friend, all of a sudden smoke was observed to be coming out of the roof of the kitchen which alerted the people around to rush in and opened the kitchen. It was observed that the two women was looking at the boy as he burns.
It was gathered that the two woman tired him with a rope and pull kerosene on him and set him on fire, with his mouth covered with a solo- tape, which on the opening of the door, the boy rushed out from the kitchen ,which the people around quenched the fire, but at that time the boy has sustained up to 54% burn injury according to the doctors.
The boy was rushed to Anyanelechi Hospital in Amuzukwu Umuahia, and they immediately refereed them to Federal medical center Umuahia, which refereed them to UNTH Enugu, it was reported that the boy died this morning been 26th June 2018 at FMC Umuahia.

when contacted been the father of the deceased Mr Samuel Obioma Odum, he confirmed the incident, but went further to say, that the wife has been hustle on him for years now, even to his children. That years back the wife has cut his head with machete twins but the villagers came and settled the matter.
The youth president Mr Iheanacho Nwakanma, when contacted by our news team, confirmed the ugly incident and went further to inform us, that he received a call from his community of what was going on, and he first reported the case at the central police station in Umuahia, which now gave him two policemen, who now came with him and arrested the mother of the deceased with her culprit.
An uncle to the deceased name Honorable Jasper Odum, how was around when the incident took place condemned the wicked act perpetrated by the brother's wife, saying that this is not the first time she is doing something crazy, he went further to say that the woman his cut the brother in several occasions,  and is calling that justice should prevail in the case.

The number of the police PRO is not available at the time of this report.



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