Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Teenager commits suicide to evade mum’s beating

A 15-year-old girl, Rukayat Taiwo, was at the early hours of yesterday confirmed dead at the Iganmu General Hospital in Lagos, after drinking poisonous substance, in her bid to evade being beaten by her mother.

As at time of writing this report, her offense was unknown. But 247voiceonhestreet gathered that she fled home Sunday, after her mum threatened to beat her , only to return home at night, complaining of severe stomach ache. She was later rushed to Agatha Hospital within the area where she was referred to Iganmu General Hospital, where she was said to have revealed that she took sniper and passed out before the substance could be evacuated from her system. When 247voiceonhestreet  visited her parents’ home at 31 Adeez Hgoro Street Jakande, in Okokomaiko area of Lagos, her distraught mother was said to have been taken to a relative’s home. A resident, who simply gave his name as Jimoh, said “we were all shocked. We saw her last Sunday evening, playing with her friends in the compound. Later she left and came back at about 8pm, writhing in pains. Some people said they saw her with the empty container of sniper but they did not suspect she drank the content”. Another resident, Ramoni Ojo, said: “She was an abiku. She only used that means to accomplish her mission because her time on earth was up. “At the hospital she told her mother and those that were with her that she drank sniper to avoid being beaten but that she did not know it would lead to her death.”



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