Tuesday, 5 June 2018


The Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) in Abia state is urging its members under federal government’s employ to stay in office but resume work only when they get their salaries, while their counterparts in the state should still be on strike pending when government meets their demands and pays their salaries.
Addressing health workers at the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Umuahia, the state JOHESU chairman, Comrade Ukariwe Eme said the directive to workers under the federal government’s employ follows the suspension of its strike as well as the promise by government that they would be paid.
For the state and local government health workers, Comrade Eme said Abia state government must implement the consolidated health salary structure (CONHESS) as well as pay the outstanding salaries owed before staff would return to work.
“The national body directed that state that has issues should join the national. We articulated the state issues, about seven (7) points and presented to the government and because of the national strike, they have not been able to invite us.
“Though the first time we were invited we to meet with the state government we could not reach any agreement. This time around the national has suspended their strike, but the state issues have not been resolved. So we are waiting until government invites us to discuss and form an agreement based on why we should suspend the strike at the state and local government levels highlighted some of the demands to include Abia state’s non implementation of CONHESS by the state government since January 2010, approved by the state government in April 2011, but until now, the salary structure has not been implemented in the local government.
“We also talked about the salary issues, Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) staff are being owed nine (9) months, Hospital management Board (HMB) staff, seven (7) months, local government health workers, four (4) months. In pensions, ABSUTH pensioners forty two (42) months, causing them to die en masse, other issues raised were the 99 disengaged workers in HMB.
Other minor issues raised are that of decayed infrastructure in the health sector and inadequate workers in health centres, he explained.



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