Sunday, 20 May 2018

Surrender yourself for searching before inspecting cars, houses, police tell operatives

The Nigeria Police Force says policemen are duty-bound to submit themselves to civilians for scrutiny before they can proceed to search their cars or houses.
The Force gave the directive via its Twitter handle, @PoliceNG, on Thursday and urged people to make such a request in a polite manner.
The message was reinforced with the hash tag #AskThePolice.
“If an officer wants to search you in your house/car, he must first surrender himself for searching. This is the procedure. Ask politely. #AskThePolice,” the tweet read.
The snippet subsequently generated a lot of reactions in the social media with many Nigerians describing it as a tall dream.
They likened an attempt to search policemen to an invitation of harassment, torture and signing their own death warrants, especially if the cops were operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.
 The Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Jimoh Moshood, on Friday confirmed the tweet while speaking with Saturday PUNCH.
He, however, said the content was not in details, adding that it was misinterpreted by members of the public.
He said, “When a policeman wants to search premises, he must show what is in his pocket and his possession apart from his gun so that the man will not say he brought something to plant in his house.
“It is not that the man will search the policeman. That is what the tweet means. It was not expressed very well.”



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