Monday, 4 September 2017

Free Investment Tips:- How You Can Invest With N100,000 (Must See)by DOUBLE S

With the current economic problem Nigeria is facing at the moment, it has not only affected the financial aspect of people’s lives but many are even afraid to invest or start a business due to the volatile situation.
While keeping money in a bank might seem like a good way to save money for the future, doing business with it can help to see it grow at a faster pace while keeping the person gainfully self-employed.
While N100,000 might not seem like a huge sum of money to start a business in Nigeria, there are actually some things that can be done with the seemingly small amount of money to start a business.
Here are five business ideas that one can invest in with N100,000
You can start a poultry business for as little as N100,00. Buy day-old chickens and even from your backyard start rearing them. You’ll also have to buy chicken feed and provide water for them.
While these chickens require constant monitoring when they are growing, the work reduces when they start to reach a certain level.
Gradually, your N100,000 investment will start to pay off when you start to sell them but remember to buy new chickens each time to replace the sold ones.
Roadside snacks
With a good location preferably where you have a lot of commuters and pedestrians using the location, you can start baking/frying snacks and selling.
With a capital as small as N100,000 you can get into the business and the good thing is that if you are very good at it, it will start to expand and you’ll even have regular and loyal customers.
Remember that hygiene is important in this business and so must make you must make your location neat and use clean water.
You don’t even need to advertise as your good snacks will get a lot f recommendation from people who patronise you.
Liquid soap
With the growing demand for liquid soap, you cans lo tap into the market by learning how to make it and producing your own.
If you are very good at it, you stand the chance of growing your business from N100,000 into millions of Naira by distributing to sellers too.
Mobile phones accessories
With N100,000, you can start buying and selling phone accessories like charger, earpiece, batteries, etc.
These items are always in demand and you need to be able to make the best of the market by providing very good accessories.
Slowly but over time, you’ll be able to have loyal customers who will also recommend their friend.
You can use social media to advertise your items and also make arrangement for delivery to buyers.
With feeding being an integral part of human existence, you can invest your N100,000 into buying and selling food items.
Just make sure you identify a farmer’s market where you can buy them as they are being taken from the farm and resell to consumers.
Although it requires a lot of energy and very tasking, the profit from it can set you on for a life-long business venture.
If you think you have more investment opportunities you can add, kindly use the comment box and help a fellow



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